2014 Peak to Peak


1st Mixed Team: Luke Wright, Melissa Newell, Bill Godsall, Andrew Town and Ben Logan.


The view from the Remarkables over to Corronet


14 year old Luke Wright smashing the ski leg  with a solid 15th placing.

p2p ben

Ben Logan crossing the line to claim victory for the mixed team category and 6th overall


Ben and Hamish celebrating after a hard fort road climb!



Lattitue 44


logo CCW_Logo_mk1-Black


body work shop

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2014 Cyclocross Race’s

Rabbit Ridge #1

My first CX races and ride for the year… what blast :)


Rick Woodward and I keeping warm and Antarctica Suits

cx start tires

This was a fun day out! I finished up 3rd and was feeling the hurt after a tough cold day at Quest Farm yesterday.

Dunedin CX

dcx dcx10 dcx9 dcx8 dcx7 dcx6 dcx5 dcx4 dcx3 dcx2 dcx1


Rabbit Ridge #2

cx6 cx5 cx4 cx3 cx2 cx1 cx

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2014 Quest Farm MTB Race



Nothing is more refreshing then a river crossing in the middle of a Central Otago winter!

Quest Farm is a great location for a mid winter hit out. A tough 40km race of 4 laps with the elements against you. It was fresh to say the least, then add wet feet and well they were frozen! On the day Kath kelly was way too strong for and claimed the womens victory, followed by myself and then Katharine Eustace. In the mens, 16 year old Paul Wright dominated claiming a clear victory over all!

me quest

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July 2014 – Lots going on…

Lattitue 44

I’d like to proudly welcome Latitude 44 onboard as a key sponsor in my road to recovery after my hip surgery in August 2014. They have provided me with the equipment and guidance needed to gain me the strength required to be confident on my bike again.

Along with ‘Latitude 44′ I’d also like to welcome Tom ‘Big Dog’ Bradshaw as another key component to my recovery as a mentor and coach, guiding me day by day, week by week getting me back to race fitness and strength. Tom is an athlete I truly respect and admire, he brings enthusiasm and fun to riding and racing and ultimately builds confidence in me to get amongst it!

tom1 tom2

left: Tom after a not so wee off in Oz. Right: Tom rocking at nationals


2014 Elite Mens Nationals – 1st Sam Gaze, 2nd Anton Cooper, 3rd Sam Shaw, 4th & 5th Tom Bradshaw.CCW_Logo_mk1-Black

Cognitive Cycles is also another company I want to welcome. Mechanical expertise are always needed when you are running 5 different bikes (road, MTB x 2, CX and DJ) on a regular basis. Having the professional help of Zeph Wadsworth, ex pro mechanic for the ‘Lunar’ race team, he has travelled the world and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in everything that is bikes, if you live in the Wanaka region or passing through and need help, hit him up. http://www.cognitivecycleworks.co.nz ph:021 042 8117.


I also need to mention ‘Mike Greer Homes Wanaka’, ‘Body Workshop’ and B.A.S.I.C Bikes  as continued and valued sponsors.





logo_snowfarm_newsnow farm 1XC Skiing… brutal and easy all at the same time. At first i thought this isn’t so bad and then my lungs started hurting… and stayed that way for the following two hours. What an awesome sport! I’m a little bit hooked. The fun and easy part of this sport that you can do it instantly not liking regular skiing where gravity is in control at first. With XC skiing if your not working your not moving. Then as you get the hang of it your lungs start working over time! brutal…! but awesome.

IMG_0130 IMG_0132 IMG_0138  IMG_0143 IMG_0163IMG_0161  IMG_0165

Winter is a great time to try something new and when the opportunity arose to build a bike I jumped on it! Now I didn’t think I’d ever want to own a dirt jumper but that’s exactly what I have done. A fun project with an even more fun outcome, lets hope I can keep my body intact…

IMG_0128 IMG_0129


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2014 King & Queen of Sticky Forest



My key focus for this local was to be apart of it and have some fun. Well, not only did I have a whole lot of fun but I was also strong enough to take the overall win for the ladies.g4

Having fun down G4 – more worried about smiling for the camera instead of riding fast.

paul and !

Paul Wright and I – King and Queen of Sticky Forest

womens 1st


2nd place Alisa Rollinson and I post race.

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Surgical Dislocation and Debridement of my left hip 1st August 2013

On the 1st August 2013 my life changed forever. As dramatic as that statement maybe its an honest and sincere judgement. I had been waiting for nearly 5 years to get my left hip fixed after finding out it had started growing extra bone. The doctors and the surgeons I consulted with have no idea why this happened but it meant I would no long be able to run! no rugby, no basketball, no touch, no running!!! I felt like my life was over. I had been given two additional options of activity but quote “you wont be able to compete at a high level” I was gutted… my options were swimming or biking… I wasn’t keen on either. After some thought and consideration (a bit of despair) I decided I needed a new challenge and I picked both, with cycling as my key focus. A journey in itself that had many ups and downs. Not long into my riding I was hit by a car, dislocated shoulder, broken ribs, fractured head of my humerus, farked neck and confidence blown out the window. Fast forward 5 years and I think I did ok… considering my hip was functioning at around 30-40%, learning a sport and having a bit of success along the way.

day 1 pen  wastedday 1

Day 1 – successful surgery and feeling none the wiser… Fentanyl helped make sure of that, being that is it approximately 100 times stronger then Morphine and I was able to get a wee hit every 5 minutes for the first 24hrs I was awake. The Surgery did go really well but it was a bit of a rough ride, they had to knock me back out post surgery due to my pain, not ideal so I was loaded up ketamine and out to it once again. Once I did come round the next week was a blur… off the fentanyl and onto morphine for 6 days… my life was a blur… At the time I felt like I was functioning well but upon reflection I was useless… I would stay in a state of ‘useless’ for the next 3 months, reliant on my friends and family to help with everything.


The spare bone from my hip which was inhibiting my ability move my hip (currently lives in the freezer)


Pre Op 1st August 2013 - look at right side…


Post Op 2nd August 2013 - yup thats my new hip…

DSCF2186 DSCF2187

Day 4 – up and dressed for the first time and out for a wee adventure on my crutches, it would be more then 9 weeks before I’d get rid of them and to add to my dismay I also lost 6kgs… for those of you that know me I can’t afford to lose weight, I felt so weak and ashamed of my gammy wee leg… no photo’s sorry too depressing.

My wound and its healing… I’ll get to live with this wee guy for the rest of my life. I was extremely lucky in regards to bruising. The bruising you see on day 2 was as bad as it got. Apparently with some people after a hip dislocation the can be black and blue from there grown to knee.


Day 2

day 6

Day 6

end of w5

End of week 5

Week 6:

post op appointment and the all clear to start rehab!!! wooohooo! first task increasing ROM and learning to walk again. Still on crutches. (reading this statement 8 months on, the wohoo didn’t last long… I learnt very quickly that just because the mind is willing the body does not always follow)

week 7:

63 degrees flexion first Physio session, first pool session of walking ten lengths and swimming ten with a pool buoy and 30mins massage. Still on crutches but can now weight bear. Had to back off with swimming due to increased pain. Back to just walking and no swimming.

Week 8:

65 degrees flexion, the joints feels like it wants to open up a bit more. Had a pool specific physio session, it was good. Walked for 5 mins in the pool swam 3 lengths and will build on that each day until the pain tells me to stop. Still on crutches.

Week 9 – Month 7:

what a farking journey! learnt to walk again… threw toys… became a puzzle master… movie critic… bored shitless restless impatient horrible person… 7 months off work and my brain has shrunk immensely… feeling stupid… I think the part of my rehab I hadn’t anticipated being so hard was managing the drugs and understanding that I wasn’t going to be functioning that well mentally as well as physically, that part was tough… tired all the time… loss of appetite… lack of concentration… unable to do simple tasks such getting a drink or going to the toilet! fark it was hard allowing people to look after me… But I must say my parents were amazing… my friends in CHCH, Wanaka and even Canada, truly amazing! thank you to all of you that helped me…  time is the most beautiful gift one person can give to another. In person or via Skype I had so many people there for me.

Then I started riding my bike a wee bit, then a wee bit more… then I decided I’d enter the 2014 Motatapu MTB race… IDIOT… oh well, cramped like crazy, placed 14th overall in ladies and 4th and age group not as good as my 3rd overall last year but its a start. Then two weeks later I raced the local King and Queen of Sticky Forest annual MTB race and defended my title – STOKED! it was a tough brutal course and Ailsa Rollinson kept me very honest, working hard right till the end of the race.

Almost 8 months:

Structure in my rehab has been very up and down but motivation is coming back…

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A quick trip to Canaidia before my Hip Op

This was my first trip to Canada but will most definitely not be my last. The purpose of this trip was to attend my very good friends wedding followed by a bit of work which involved riding my bike… wooohooo!

First up was a couple of days in Calgary where I checked out the Calgary Stampede before catching the Greyhound night bus down to Fernie. The stampede was pretty cool, well over my head but extremely entertaining. I got to see the bull and bronc riding, and barrel racing topped off with my favourite event the ‘Wild Pony Riding’ which involved three children all padded up, helmets on and a wild pony on the end of a rope. The objective was to get one of the three on the pony – hahahaha awesome! it was fantastic. My next favourite was the ladies barrel racing, wow! those ladies had mad corning skills which has me inspired to ride my bike around corners the way they ride their horses.


The View of the Calgary Stampede for the Calgary Tower

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScvisYq73H0 add movie!!!!

IMG_2068 IMG_2069 IMG_7398

                                                           The Calgary ‘Peace Bridge’

Next stop was Fernie after a 6 hour bus ride which had me arriving in Fernie at 4.30am in a desolate town apart from one lodge (not mine) which allowed me to bunk down in the lobby till the sun came up and I could check into my own accommodation.

My first day in Fernie revolved around wondering the streets, checking out the local sights, having coffee and resting up for the following day which was a day I will never forget – Jenny and Steve’s wedding!

Wedding day was fantastic, a 4 hour hike up into the mountains (The Three Sisters) arriving at the most amazing location… words can not explain how spectacular it was and even more so the moment and day itself.

jenny and steve

Me leading the way up the back of the Three Sisters…


Steve and Jenny pre wedding smiles


A massive congrats to Jenny and Steve! What an amazing day.

The next 5 days in Fernie were all about riding and checking out the trails. I was stoked to have good friend Ailsa Rollinson join me for the week. Ailsa is a bit a legend really, she decided she would just bike over to see me from Nelson, BC to Fernie, a nice wee 260km of epic climbs, gravel roads, main highway and for good measure in amongst the wilderness Canada’s famous bears, moose and cougar… fun times.

IMG_1699 IMG_1700

Looking out over Fernie

IMG_1701 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1713 IMG_1714

This trip was a bit of a reccy for some future work and I cant wait to return and check out what else Canada has to offer.

A massive thank you to all those people that helped me out,

especially my sponsors:






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